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Oh Baby!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Well, Sophie and Beau certainly love each other. So much so, that despite keeping the two separated while Sophie was in heat, they somehow found a way to each other. Yep, they have blessed us with another litter of puppies. (We are in the process of putting up new fencing to prevent this in the future. We also have plans to have Sophie fixed in December.)

Sophie did what was natural for Colorado Mountain Dogs. She built a dirt bowl to deliver her babies into. Unfortunately, it rained all that morning. The poor girl was covered in mud and she was trying to keep the puppies clean.

We brought her in the garage to finish delivery. Afterwards, much to her chagrin, she got a bath and the babies got quickly cleaned and warmed. When all was said and done, we had seven new babies with six females and only one male.

Sophie has been a wonderful mother, again. We can tell that she is much more comfortable this time around. She is a natural mother, protective and attentive.

To be quite honest, we are all more comfortable this time around and have found the process less stressful. Additionally, having the puppies during warmer weather has helped quite a bit as we moved them outside after they were a couple of weeks old.

It is so fun to watch these babies grow and see each of their personalities come out. Some are more playful, some more loving, and the little runt is a feisty girl.

These little loves had had their first vet visit. Unfortunately, we do again have a couple of overbites which does make those puppies not good candidates for breeding. (The main reason we will be having Sophie fixed.) Other than that, the vet has deemed that they are all in great health. These sweet cuddlers will be ready for their new homes at the end of October. We are a bit disappointed that this will be Sophie's last litter, but, being the only breeders in Minnesota and not having another male locally to breed her with, it makes it this the responsible decision and Sophie will live the rest of her life, doing what she does best, protecting our farm.

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